About Us

Hello, fellow travel companions! Welcome to Travel Europe 360, your go-to resource for all things European. I’m Sophie Harper, a storyteller, explorer, and occasionally goofy travel buddy. Let’s talk about our trip to Europe!

Who is Sophie?

Just your normal gal with an insatiable desire to see the nooks and crannies of Europe. From enjoying cappuccino in quaint caf├ęs to navigating the labyrinthine streets, I’m here to share the positive, odd, and simply spectacular moments.

What’s the 411?

Travel Europe 360 isn’t your grandmother’s travel blog; it’s your hip pal who shares insider information and incredible stories. Expect a rollercoaster of stories, practical tricks (because, honestly, who needs more travel stress?) and photos that will make you mentally plan your next ticket.

Our jam:

This isn’t a formal event; it’s more like a relaxed conversation at your favorite pub. We celebrate blunders, toast local cuisines, and dance at cultural festivals. Travel is messy, wonderful, and life-changing, and we’re enjoying every minute together.

Prepared to Dive In?

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a first-time traveler, grab a comfortable seat because we’re about to go on an incredible voyage. Travel Europe 360 provides a behind-the-scenes look at Europe’s beauty and mayhem. Spoiler alert: It’ll be a crazy journey!

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Cheers to the journey!

Sophie Harper